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The National Fundraising Awards is a great evening that brings together the very best of the Charity sector, recognising the efforts of charities and individuals.

What we achieved

Before the National Fundraising Awards, we personalised the look and feel of the Scripin Events app to reflect the theme of the evening. With over 400 people attending, we placed ‘How to’ table cards to give that extra nudge for guests to use the app. With 6 large HD LCD TV’s and a large projector we were able to achieve maximum exposure and boost engagement throughout the evening.

Attendees arrived and began taking photos, we could then create, moderate and output the photo-streams onto the screens around the venue. We could also include in the events sponsors assets, using our sponsorship module, allowing us to intermittently add them to the photo-stream.

Elsa, Institute of Fundraising

“The National Fundraising Awards are an important night in the Institute’s calendar to recognise excellent fundraising and Scripin really helped to promote that feeling of celebration and party. Seeing all the images up on the big screen for everyone to see was absolutely fantastic!”

Festive Frolic

Parkinson’s Festive Frolic


We were asked to boost the fun at the Parkinson’s UK charities Christmas party in London using the Scripin event platform.

What we achieved

The Scripin Events solution saw party goers download a personalised app to reflect the theme of the Christmas Party. The party goers all received an email detailing where to download the app, the details of the event, such as the event code and how to. We also were asked to create a competition so party goers could enter their best photos of the night. The winner was chosen by the highest number of likes.

As party goers arrived they immediately began to take photos and videos, it was great to see so many people in the festive spirit and enjoying themselves. Towards the end of the night we selected a winner for the competition – the winner was notified via the app as well as seeing their winning photo on the photo-stream.

With 2 screens around the venue party goers were able to see everyone’s photos and videos! Bringing another level of fun and enjoyment!


With lots of photos and videos taken throughout the night it was widely enjoyed by all who attended, and great to see so many photos entered into the competition.

Jo Saunders – Events Co-ordinator

‘Scripin was a great addition to our Christmas Party! Everyone loved taking photos and seeing them on the screens around the venue, and Jack was so helpful in organising it all so that I didn’t have to worry about a thing during the event. I would definitely recommend them for work Christmas parties!’

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Ice Bar Birthday party


We were asked to amplify the fun and enjoyment of 60 guests at a private birthday party at the Ice Bar in central London.

What We Delivered

We pre on-boarded all the guests (creating their Scripin accounts for them) before the party. This allowed guests to immediately start taking photos and videos the moment they arrived using either Apple or Android phones.

The on-site Scripin team using the Scripin Events Module created and moderated a series of photo-streams, which were displayed on two large screens at the venue. Guests could then see themselves and their friends having a great time throughout the evening celebrations.

Toby Wyndham

“It was a terrific evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night and the response to Scripin was excellent. The sheer number of photo’s taken meant that we all have a great record of the event, but the reaction from my friends seeing themselves on the screens and the amount of positive feedback I had was quite simply amazing!


BardFest 2016


It was great to be back at BardFest for a second year running, this time with some new exciting features. We were tasked to help boost engagement through our competitions module and increse sponsors revenue by leveraging our photo-streaming platform as part of the sponsors rights package.

Festival go-ers were able to download the lastest version of the Scripin Event app to take photos and videos to then see themselves on the jumbo screens across the site for that added enjoyment and excitement of seeing themselves, their family and friends super sized!

What we delivered

The features introduced at this year’s Festival were our sponsorship module that allowed sponsors to have their assets (logo or ad) included in the Scripin photo-stream – boosting their brand exposure to the crowd and giving BardFest a revenue uplift as a rights extension their standard sponsorship packages.

We had three competitions running throughout both days, ‘Rock God or Goddess’, ‘Strike a Pose’ and ‘Funniest Family’. The winners received a notification through the Scripin Events app that they had won and were rewarded with some fun prizes. All winners were also announced on main stage, had their photos taken via the Scripin Events app with a ‘Winner’ banner which were then shown on the screens around the venue.


Scripin Events was a great succes at BardFest 2016! Working alongside some great people helped us ensure the we really did help enhance the experience and enjoyment for the 3,000 attendees over the course of the two days.

Steve Larder, Chief BardFest Organiser

‘This was Scripin’s second year at BardFest, and after last years’ success we couldn’t have asked for a better result! The added feature of the competition module this year gave BardFest the step up it was looking for. BardFest festival go-ers absolutely loved seeing themselves on the big screens and the competitions made it even more enjoyable!!’

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We were asked by KidsOut, a charity that give disadvantaged children positive experiences to support them becoming future members of our society and workforce, to boost the engagement and increase the overall enjoyment of their guests during their annual flagship fundraising event. The Summer Ball was held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London and attended by just under 600 people

What we Delivered

It was a busy evening with a drinks reception, dinner and dancing. In addition, during the night there was a spectacular musical performance, and a number of auctions which raised a record sum for the charity.

Guests downloaded the Scripin Events app and quickly and easily started to take photos and videos through-out the evening. The on-site Scripin Event team created and moderated a series of photo-streams which were displayed on two large screens in the ball room – ensuring guests could then see themselves, their friends and colleagues having a great time.


KidsOut were extremely happy with the level of guest engagement and enhancement that Scripin brought to their event surpassing their expectations and helping to make the 2016 Summer Ball a stunning success.

Tanith Dodge KidsOut Trustee and Chair of the Summer Ball Committee – ‘Scripin Events performed exactly as I hoped and thought it would. It was brilliant to see our guest’s excitement at taking wonderful photos during the evening and then seeing themselves on Scripin photo-streams across big screens around the venue. The Scripin Event app was so intuitive and easy to use and even matched the colour theme of our Summer Ball. Overall it was a terrific addition and helped to contribute to make the Summer Ball our most successful fundraising evening ever.’



We were asked by KHWS, the leading independent digital marketing company in the UK, to help amplify their Christmas Party. The 100 guests were invited to the Masquerade themed event on-board a fabulous twin-deck river boat on the Thames in London.


Scripin Events platform automatically created each guest’s account and emailed them their sign-in details the morning of the party, ensuring they were immediately able to start using Scripin the moment they arrived on-board the vessel. We installed a WiFi network to allow the rapid upload of guest’s photos and videos from anywhere on the boat and linked our platform to the LCD screen next to the dance floor, where we photo-streamed the images so everyone could see and enjoy them. During the event several hundred images where uploaded, creating an added value dimension to the party in an exciting and engaging way. As soon as the guests arrived photos were being taken, uploaded to the Scripin app and then through our moderated process photo-streamed onto the massive LCD screen. This immediately provided a focal point and helped to kick-start the party!


Scripin was greatly received throughout the evening and KHWS were very complimentary, with Director Nick Hawkes saying

‘A massive thanks to you guys for organising The Scripin event – it was a huge success and contributed greatly to our best KHWS Christmas party’s ever. With I believe over 200 images loaded in a short time it proves Scripin’s robustness even in a challenging location like a boat. Thanks again.’

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BardFest 2015

Our first Festival

Scripin has just come back from their first Festival! Whoop Whoop!

We were at BardFest 2015, which is in Suffolk. It is over a 2-day period (Friday 10th – Saturday11th), which finishes at 12pm each night, with live performances from local bands, real ales and ciders from the surrounding area. Hog roasts and all manner of BBQ food. It is a family festival so it caters for children/families as well. Over the course of the 2 days BardFest had 2,400 festivalgoers through its gates.

We had an amazing couple of days, with superb results. The people of Suffolk/BardFest were unbelievably supportive and enthusiastic about the app.

We had all types people using the app; from kids all the way to 50+ it really was great to see the app in action.

Scripin Events was tasked with streaming the photos that the festivalgoers were taking and then outputting them on the HD TV’s and projectors around BardFest. This was the first time Scripin Events was tested and it was a great success, not only for us but the enjoyment of the festivalgoers themselves as well the organisers seeing the impact the images across the screens had. All ages loved seeing themselves up on the big screens – one Scripin fan commented ‘Look I’m famous!’ It was really pleasing to see that all the hard work we have done come to fruition, and that the BardFest community really enjoyed it too.

We learnt a lot from BardFest; feedback from the BardFest community, new opportunities from potential clients, key metrics, data analysis, and how the Comms works best. All things we can build on and better understand these types of events and only make our app/product stronger.

I would just like to thank the wonderful people of Suffolk and all the BardFest team for making the weekend the perfect experience for us. It was awesome to be a part of and to meet some brilliant people too.

Thank you BardFest 2015, we are looking forward to 2016!

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