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We were asked by KHWS, the leading independent digital marketing company in the UK, to help amplify their Christmas Party. The 100 guests were invited to the Masquerade themed event on-board a fabulous twin-deck river boat on the Thames in London.


Scripin Events platform automatically created each guest’s account and emailed them their sign-in details the morning of the party, ensuring they were immediately able to start using Scripin the moment they arrived on-board the vessel. We installed a WiFi network to allow the rapid upload of guest’s photos and videos from anywhere on the boat and linked our platform to the LCD screen next to the dance floor, where we photo-streamed the images so everyone could see and enjoy them. During the event several hundred images where uploaded, creating an added value dimension to the party in an exciting and engaging way. As soon as the guests arrived photos were being taken, uploaded to the Scripin app and then through our moderated process photo-streamed onto the massive LCD screen. This immediately provided a focal point and helped to kick-start the party!


Scripin was greatly received throughout the evening and KHWS were very complimentary, with Director Nick Hawkes saying

‘A massive thanks to you guys for organising The Scripin event – it was a huge success and contributed greatly to our best KHWS Christmas party’s ever. With I believe over 200 images loaded in a short time it proves Scripin’s robustness even in a challenging location like a boat. Thanks again.’

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