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BardFest 2016


It was great to be back at BardFest for a second year running, this time with some new exciting features. We were tasked to help boost engagement through our competitions module and increse sponsors revenue by leveraging our photo-streaming platform as part of the sponsors rights package.

Festival go-ers were able to download the lastest version of the Scripin Event app to take photos and videos to then see themselves on the jumbo screens across the site for that added enjoyment and excitement of seeing themselves, their family and friends super sized!

What we delivered

The features introduced at this year’s Festival were our sponsorship module that allowed sponsors to have their assets (logo or ad) included in the Scripin photo-stream – boosting their brand exposure to the crowd and giving BardFest a revenue uplift as a rights extension their standard sponsorship packages.

We had three competitions running throughout both days, ‘Rock God or Goddess’, ‘Strike a Pose’ and ‘Funniest Family’. The winners received a notification through the Scripin Events app that they had won and were rewarded with some fun prizes. All winners were also announced on main stage, had their photos taken via the Scripin Events app with a ‘Winner’ banner which were then shown on the screens around the venue.


Scripin Events was a great succes at BardFest 2016! Working alongside some great people helped us ensure the we really did help enhance the experience and enjoyment for the 3,000 attendees over the course of the two days.

Steve Larder, Chief BardFest Organiser

‘This was Scripin’s second year at BardFest, and after last years’ success we couldn’t have asked for a better result! The added feature of the competition module this year gave BardFest the step up it was looking for. BardFest festival go-ers absolutely loved seeing themselves on the big screens and the competitions made it even more enjoyable!!’

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