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Meet Jack,

He is the Co-Founder of Scripin – He loves food, thinks he is Messi on the football pitch and can often be found trawling clothes website for a good sale. He supports Fulham FC and he has an incredible ability to fall asleep anywhere!.

Meet Stephen,

He is the other co-founder – He is fascinated by Tech, and always has the latest gadget. His home is like a scene out of minority report. He loves the cinema and is a fitness freak. We regularly get updates on his new deadlift PB’s.

Meet George,

He is the newest member of the team. A recent graduate, he enjoys a game of hockey and the occasional run. Food and art are real passions and being an accomplished linguist he is always comfortable both home and abroad. However, nothing will get between him and the dance floor when he hears September by Earth Wind and Fire…you’ve been warned!

WE BELIEVE that photos and videos have the power to create GREAT MEMORIES.

Our MISSION is to make sure YOUR wedding is even more memorable

Let’s make LASTING MEMORIES, that can be treasured forever