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The National Fundraising Awards is a great evening that brings together the very best of the Charity sector, recognising the efforts of charities and individuals.

What we achieved

Before the National Fundraising Awards, we personalised the look and feel of the Scripin Events app to reflect the theme of the evening. With over 400 people attending, we placed ‘How to’ table cards to give that extra nudge for guests to use the app. With 6 large HD LCD TV’s and a large projector we were able to achieve maximum exposure and boost engagement throughout the evening.

Attendees arrived and began taking photos, we could then create, moderate and output the photo-streams onto the screens around the venue. We could also include in the events sponsors assets, using our sponsorship module, allowing us to intermittently add them to the photo-stream.

Elsa, Institute of Fundraising

“The National Fundraising Awards are an important night in the Institute’s calendar to recognise excellent fundraising and Scripin really helped to promote that feeling of celebration and party. Seeing all the images up on the big screen for everyone to see was absolutely fantastic!”

Festive Frolic

Parkinson’s Festive Frolic


We were asked to boost the fun at the Parkinson’s UK charities Christmas party in London using the Scripin event platform.

What we achieved

The Scripin Events solution saw party goers download a personalised app to reflect the theme of the Christmas Party. The party goers all received an email detailing where to download the app, the details of the event, such as the event code and how to. We also were asked to create a competition so party goers could enter their best photos of the night. The winner was chosen by the highest number of likes.

As party goers arrived they immediately began to take photos and videos, it was great to see so many people in the festive spirit and enjoying themselves. Towards the end of the night we selected a winner for the competition – the winner was notified via the app as well as seeing their winning photo on the photo-stream.

With 2 screens around the venue party goers were able to see everyone’s photos and videos! Bringing another level of fun and enjoyment!


With lots of photos and videos taken throughout the night it was widely enjoyed by all who attended, and great to see so many photos entered into the competition.

Jo Saunders – Events Co-ordinator

‘Scripin was a great addition to our Christmas Party! Everyone loved taking photos and seeing them on the screens around the venue, and Jack was so helpful in organising it all so that I didn’t have to worry about a thing during the event. I would definitely recommend them for work Christmas parties!’

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The Ultimate Photo Sharing App. Scripin Weddings

We all want to immortalise incredible memories and memories through photography. I mean with our smart phones, we’re constantly snapping everything around us. But it’s all to easy for the shots to get lost in the camera roll never to be seen again. When it comes to your wedding day, those moments become even more treasured and you’re going to want to see all of your guests shots too. But they get lost and sometimes never shared, which is where Scripin Weddings come in.

The app bringing partying into the 21st Century #getscripin

Scripin is the embodiment of innovation, using technology to not only enhance and reinvent your app-using experience, but also your real life social life as well. Using the Scripin app, an event can be made truly interactive. Guests simply download it to their phone and then begin taking photographs…. #getscripin