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Ice Bar Birthday party


We were asked to amplify the fun and enjoyment of 60 guests at a private birthday party at the Ice Bar in central London.

What We Delivered

We pre on-boarded all the guests (creating their Scripin accounts for them) before the party. This allowed guests to immediately start taking photos and videos the moment they arrived using either Apple or Android phones.

The on-site Scripin team using the Scripin Events Module created and moderated a series of photo-streams, which were displayed on two large screens at the venue. Guests could then see themselves and their friends having a great time throughout the evening celebrations.

Toby Wyndham

“It was a terrific evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night and the response to Scripin was excellent. The sheer number of photo’s taken meant that we all have a great record of the event, but the reaction from my friends seeing themselves on the screens and the amount of positive feedback I had was quite simply amazing!

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